5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode

#5.The Theory: Quantum EntanglementThe Crazy Part:The part where you jiggle an electron on one side of the universe and an invisible force traverses millions of light years and smacks another electron into wiggling instantaneously, which is about a million years faster than is technically possible without time travel.

#4.The Theory:EvolutionThe Crazy Part: The part where the family tree of every living creature on Earth collides at a single point on a single day in the past, making you related to Hitler as well as every insect you’ve ever killed..

#3.The Theory: The Copenhagen InterpretationThe Crazy Part: The part where the furniture in your house behaves differently when you’re not around.

#2.The Theory: The Many Worlds TheoryThe Crazy Part: The part where you realize that somewhere in some parallel universe you just died while reading this sentence.

#1.The Theory: The Universe Is BigThe Crazy Part: The part where the Universe isn’t just bigger than you can possibly comprehend, but according to recent evidence, billions of times larger than that.