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Xbox 360's match?? on a PC??

The Xbox 360, it seems, has already met its match...on the PC front, at least.

Tech sites HardOCP and Tech Report have uncovered a leak that supposedly shows off the specs of ATi's secret PC video card line, the Radeon x1900. The card boasts some of the same specs as the Xbox 360's graphic processor; judging by the numbers, the card will stand toe-to-tow to the Xbox 360 in terms of raw pixel-pushing capabilities.

The high-end card--the Radeon x1900 XTX reportedly weighs in with 48 pixel pipelines, just like the Xbox 360's bleeding-edge graphical processor (also designed by ATi). The Radeon x1900 XTX also sports a super-speedy 650 mhz CPU core and 512 megs of high-end 1.5 Ghz RAM.

Meanwhile, HardOCP has received official word from an ATi representative, who states that an embargo is under effect until the 24th of January. At that point, ATi should be releasing confirmed information about the upcoming graphics card.

You can apparently order a lower-end model--the Radeon x1900 XT--for over $600 American.


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