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Top 10 Strangest Mini-Sized Devices

10. Evergreen’s Clip MP3 Player

Clip this new Evergreen “DN-CLMP128″ MP3 Player to your belt or bag. It’s ultracompact, measuring 25.6 x 53.2 x 22.6mm and weighing just 20g. This player comes with 128MB Memory built-in and supports MP3/WMA (64 - 192kbps) audio files. The “DN-CLMP128″ gets 5 hours of continuous playback on a single charge via AC or USB 2.0.


9. World’s Smallest USB Drive

This miniature USB drive measures only 9.4 x 17.6 x 36.3 mm and weighs just 8g — in 512MB or 1GB capacities. It comes in gold or silver colors.

Do not be mislead by its size, though, because at up to 30MB/s transfer rate and 1GB, Petito will exceed your expectations with its performances in terms of speed and capacity


8. The Finger Mouse

One glance at this mouse and you know you’re dealing with something different. This nifty finger-worn device has two buttons, a scroll wheel, USB connectivity, 400dpi/800dpi optical resolution, and a fold up design for maximum portability. It measures just 2.3 x 2.7cm.


7. Tiny Multimedia Player

At just 8mm thick, the TakaraTomy TDG-101 is tiny enough to slip in your pocket. It isn’t small on features, though, with a 1.2-inch TFT display, MPEG/QuickTime/ASF/WMV/MP3/WMA support, and 1GB of built-in memory. On a full charge, you’ll get up to 6 hours of continuous audio playback. The TDG-101 will be released this summer at the price of $145.


6. Tiny Wristwatch Powered Robot

Robots just keep getting smaller and the “Eco-Be!” by Citizen is no exception. This nifty gadget is driven by a wristwatch motor and controlled via infared remote. It’s powered by normal watch batteries and has quad-directional movement. Measuring just 1.8 cm wide and 2.5 cm tall, it’s the perfect cubicle companion.

“Citizen president Makoto Umehara says he hopes Eco-Be! will prove useful in the development of smaller and lighter weight robots.”


5. Micro PVPro Projector

Developed by Light Blue Optics, the matchbox-sized PVPro strives to the world’s smallest projector. At just 62cc in volume, the PVPro can be used with mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and even personal media players. This technology was made possible by using miniature lasers to display images in real-time.

Our vision is to make it simple for people to share photos with their friends and to comfortably view mobile TV and music videos from their mobile devices. We believe that access to a large display, such as is provided by our PVPro projection technology, is key to increasing ease of use


4. World’s Smallest Supercharged V8 Engine

This miniature four-stroke V8 engine has a 1.000-inch bore, 0.900-inch stroke, 9:1 compression ratio, 12,000rpm max., rotary sliding vanes (supercharger), dual WALBRO carbs, dual electronic ignition, and a two stage dry sump oil system.


3. Toshiba’s Micro Hard Drive

Measuing only 0.85-inches in diameter, this new hard drive from Toshiba opens up new possibilites in mobile storage. Slightly larger than a postage stamp, you could be seeing this technology in cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and more.

“Mounting dimensions are 0.94×1.26-inches, with a thickness of 0.197-inches. The drive uses 0.12-Watts in standby and 0.60-Watts during write operations. Running on 3.0-Volts over the 0° to 70°C temperature range, it has one platter, two heads, and a 3600rpm rotational speed.”


2. Picoflyer - World’s Smallest RC Helicopter

With only a 60 mm rotor diameter, the Picoflyer is the world’s smallest RC helicopter. It’s roughly the size of a 9V battery, weighs 3.3g, and has a flight time of up to 1 minute.

It is operated via an 900 MHz radio link, however, due to its small size and no aid from electronic sensors it is rather difficult to control precisely in the air


1. Tiny Space Cube PC

Measuring just 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches, the Space Cube is a tiny PC that boasts a 300 MHz processor, 64MB of SDRAM, and an external video connector — supports 1280 x 1024 resolution. External interfaces include a Flash memory card slot, USB port, Ethernet, and a serial port. It’s powered by Atom Linux and available now for a whopping $325.


Honorable Mention - Penny-Sized Dreamcast

Finally, the Dreamcast has made its comeback, but in penny-sized toy form. This bundle includes the core system w/functional lid, two VMU’s, Space Channel 5 game, controller, and a removable modem. Available now from Lik-Sang.



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