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Hosting Services from the Googleplex

In need of some weekend speculation?

Might a transferred domain be a clue to what might be coming from the Googleplex? If it is, look for some type of web hosting to possibly be coming very soon.

Surprise? No, not really. Why?

The domain name (not live as of today).
was transferred to Google nameservers in the past couple of days. The domain itself was created in April 2006.

It’s very possible that this is related to the “additional services” fee-based services mentioned in a NY Times article about the release of “Google Apps for Your Domain.”

One question. Will Google also provide hosting services to the general public or would this be a business/enterprise only type of service? A new revenue stream?

What’s also interesting about this domain is that it was previously registered to a person in Mountain View, California, Google’s hometown. No big deal, right?

However, with a bit of digging we found several blog posts and mentions by and about this person on the Google blog (as an author) and blogs about Google. Turns out that we think this person is a Googler. So, in this case, it appears Google had an employee register/hold the domain (since at least the end of July) before transferring it to Google Inc. in the last day or so. Btw, the domains have always been registered to Google. They were registered in July 2006.


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