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Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 to run on PS3

Sony's Kutaragi gave the rumor mill plenty of fodder by speculating that multiple operating systems were being mulled over for use in the PlayStation 3, and eventually Sony posted an article confirming its interest in both OS X and Linux options. Now it appears that we just might have a winner. Terra Soft's website proudly displays that the forthcoming version of Yellow Dog Linux "supports the PlayStation 3 console," and leaves hints that we might see a few sweet video demonstrations in the near future. While intricate details about the the OS's compatibility with the sure-to-be-scarce console are still few and far between, we're expecting it to drop "in mid-November" to presumably coincide with the November PS3 launch dates -- but at least pulling strings to get your name on a less-than-assuring pre-order list probably won't be necessary here.

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